Thursday, June 28, 2007

Interesting tidbits

In the spirit of sharing information and engaging with each other – a few things…
An interesting/creative website:
A new product that may be of interest to you if you are into website development and design:
New product: Microsoft Silverlight
Wanna know more? Read here to find out why it’s potentially better than flash:

Have your SAY: Which position sounds more senior to you?
a) Communications Coordinator
b) Senior Communications Officer
Vote (a) or (b).
All the best
Heidi Alexandra Pollard


joseph hollak said...

As a first time visitor to your blog I'm finding some very interesting information.

But I can't help but wonder why the links in your posts aren't hyper-linked allowing me to just click on the link you are discussing.

Heidi Alexandra Pollard said...

Thanks for your feedback Joseph - they should be so I will check it out and make sure they are easy to click and use in future. All the best Heidi