Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Recently posted was a message from “Blankset” who asked some questions about the industry and I’d like to open them up to you all for comment.

Q1 What is the best approach to making media contacts within industries in which you are completely un-networked? A simple email intro?

Q2 Who is the best first-point-of-contact person at various publications?

Q3 What are some of the most exciting break-the-mold new types of 'PR' you have observed in the last 5 years?

I have my thoughts – what are yours? Feel free to post a reply answer to one or all of the questions.

Following is a link to a conference in Sydney on “Achieving Internal Communications Best Practice in the Public Sector” that I am delighted to be speaking at

Yours in prosperity, passion and purpose
Heidi Alexandra Pollard

Friday, September 7, 2007

Measuring employee engagement in an ideal world

In the latest issue of Strategic Communication Management, Michael J Critelli, CEO of Pitney Bowes, describes how – in an ideal world – he'd like to track employee engagement.
He sets an imaginary scene where he can open up a management dashboard and the communication screens provide him with high-level data on the reach, comprehension and engagement ratings achieved in the first day of the roll-out of his communications plan. Interested to know more? Read his full article to get ideas on how to make your own communication performance data more compelling.
Until next time all the best
Heidi Alexandra Pollard
The Professional Communicators Coach

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Try before you buy

The marketing strategy of sampling or "Try before you buy" is still alive and well it seems.
For example: iTunes Store lets you hear samples of any song before purchasing, Baker's Delight offer you a taste of their daily bread or scones special at the counter. In my own coaching practice I offer all new potential clients a free coaching session so they can see if my coaching style is a good fit for their style and to see if coaching is for them.
I find this is the best way to add value to a potential client and allow them to get a real life experience of the benefits of coaching.
Sean D'Souza, a marketing writer described revealing a lot of your best material as "The Bikini Concept" because a little taste makes people interested in finding out the rest. Here's a link to his article http://spidersecret.com/so-what-if-you-give-most-of-it-away-the-bikini-concept/
So have any of you ever offered a trial product, sampling of information or services as part of your marketing strategy?
Heidi Alexandra Pollard