Thursday, July 19, 2007

New advertising and PR campaign: Blackberry and Storytelling

Those of you who know me well would know why this new campaign has touched me - I confess I am addicted to my Blackberry – so much so that I actually have two! (strange but true).
Blackberry is doing a pretty major media blitz with their new campaign, "Ask Someone Why They Love Their Blackberry."
The campaign is a good demonstration of the use of storytelling to promote a product.
Other than the early adopters of technology, many people - especially, perhaps, women look for the full spectrum of practical and emotional reasons for such a purchase – so it will be interesting to see if the power of storytelling will generate increased sales for Blackberry.
Due to the broad range of stories told, these Blackberry "Ask" stories appeal to a wider variety of people, many of whom might not otherwise identify with what could seem like same-old, same-old technology.
Has anyone else seen any great campaigns lately? Please share them with us.
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Heidi Alexandra Pollard

Sunday, July 15, 2007

How happy are you right now?

Really think about it. How happy are you? Do you really want to be happy? Do you deserve to be happy? Are you doing everything in your power to be happy? Or do you think happiness is something only for the wealthy, the good-looking or the spiritual?

Through my privileged role as a coach supporting clients attain their goals and dreams, I see a common theme in what they all desire – quite simply, to be happy, whatever happiness means to them.

In many ways, most of our overall desires revolve around "being happy” and getting satisfied. But what is happiness, how do we achieve it and can it last?

I believe the key to remember is that everything material is impermanent. Just like beauty fades, and youth slips away, so does everything material. So our happiness cannot depend on the material. If we keep buying stuff and fill our lives up with stuff, eventually we will end up with stuff all!

For most of us, our most precious commodity is our time – once spent we cannot get it back. We like doing, evolving, learning, interacting, growing and moving. So when do we get time to relax, meditate and enjoy simply being in the moment? Can we learn to be content and truly happy with ourselves right here and now?

Author Urayoan Paz believes we can and has created a method called Gratitude-Bliss Meditation (GBM) to teach people how to do so. Based on ancient philosophies and basic common sense, GBM is designed to bring peace of mind. To access a copy of Urayon’s e-book on Gratitude-Bliss Meditation visit

For more information on how our coaching services can support you to achieve your bliss contact
Peace, happiness and love to you from Heidi Alexandra Pollard

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Something amazing to watch

In a totally different form of communication - watch how this incredible painter communicates with paint and paper!

Copy and paste this link: to view Paintjam Dan Dunn at work. Amazing!

All the best
Heidi Alexandra Pollard