Thursday, July 19, 2007

New advertising and PR campaign: Blackberry and Storytelling

Those of you who know me well would know why this new campaign has touched me - I confess I am addicted to my Blackberry – so much so that I actually have two! (strange but true).
Blackberry is doing a pretty major media blitz with their new campaign, "Ask Someone Why They Love Their Blackberry."
The campaign is a good demonstration of the use of storytelling to promote a product.
Other than the early adopters of technology, many people - especially, perhaps, women look for the full spectrum of practical and emotional reasons for such a purchase – so it will be interesting to see if the power of storytelling will generate increased sales for Blackberry.
Due to the broad range of stories told, these Blackberry "Ask" stories appeal to a wider variety of people, many of whom might not otherwise identify with what could seem like same-old, same-old technology.
Has anyone else seen any great campaigns lately? Please share them with us.
Until next time
Heidi Alexandra Pollard


the singing pilot said...
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the singing pilot said...

2 blakberries Heidi? I really want to hear the story behind that! keep up the good work.

Heidi Alexandra Pollard said...

Indeed two blackberry's - although one is blue in colour so perhaps it should be a 'blueberry" - the short story version - too many business ventures - I have found that having two is the best way to manage knowing who the caller is trying to contact!