Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Using the power of the mass media

Hi everyone,
this is Heidi Alexandra Pollard, The Communicators' Coach from picturesque Lake Macquarie and I thought I would share with you a story from a well known US PR guy Paul Hartunian.
Here's what Paul had to say about the power of mass media:
"When I sent out my press releases about the Brooklyn Bridge, I knew I was onto something big. I knew I had a great story and I was sure that the media was going to pick it up and run with it.
What I didn't know was just how big the publicity was going to be!
I didn't just get calls from newspapers and radio stations in New Jersey and New York. I was doing interviews with news organizations around the world.
I spoke to reporters at outlets I'd never heard of.

I only knew two things knew about these media organizations:
1 - they were going to give me sales - and I certainly hadn't sent them a press release.
2 - That second point made me think.
If I hadn't sent them a press release how did these newspapers and radio stations get hold of me?

The answer was obvious: they'd seen the story on the news, just like everyone else!
Without a doubt, one of the most amazing things about publicity is that when you have a good story for the media, there's no telling where you'll end up. You could send out a fax release to your town newspaper and the next day, you could get a call from Oprah Winfrey inviting you on her show.The reason is simple. Reporters are desperate for stories.

They have to put out their publication or show every day or every week without fail. And each edition has to be packed with interesting information. They can't just say, "Well heck, it's been a quiet week this week, let's cut twenty minutes from the show."

It just doesn't work that way. Whatever happens - or doesn't happen - reporters and editors have to produce exactly the same amount of information in each edition or each program.

That's why the story on that press release can end up circling the world before you know it.
"You can read all about Paul's Brooklyn Bridge adventure at: New Year everyone
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Heidi Alexandra Pollard
The Communicators' Coach

Sunday, December 28, 2008

When's the last time you wrote a press release?

A new social marketing and information network (SNOBS) started by a Novacastrian colleague of mine from Australia is powering along on the world wide web.

This recent article titled "When's the last time you wrote a press release?" will be of interest to this blog community. The article includes a simple step by step how to guide for writing a release.

Oh and its a good reminder for those of us in the industry to remember to use this mechanism ourselves - too often we forget to promote our own company and work too!

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Heidi Alexandra Pollard
The Communicators' Coach