Saturday, January 5, 2008

Greening your brand article

Greetings friends - today I thought I would share with you a recent article by Matt Heinz titled "10 ways to "green" your brand".

I myself am leading a rebranding exercise for a large government agency at the moment so I found this article very timely and relevant. In essence Matt outlines that making your brand more environmentally friendly can add market share, cut costs and make your CFO very happy. He then goes on to give the how including how green aware consumers, audiences and the general public now are and the fact that they are increasingly interested in protecting our environment and reducing its collective carbon footprint.

To read more about Matt 's 10 ways to green your brand including recycling, power management and community participation visit:
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Heidi Alexandra Pollard
The Professional Communicators Coach


Eamon said...

I think that if you can make an interesting story out of it too, rather than just the serious message of helping to save the planet (which, is of course, crucial). For example (small example), Kettle Chips run some of their vehicles on the residue oil made to fry the chips. You can make an interesting story of that type of thing, and they have.


Heidi Alexandra Pollard said...

Thanks for your comments Eamon - I agree there is a lot of ways to boost promotion of the good things companies do for greening the planet. I wasn't aware of the kettle chips story though so thanks.