Friday, June 6, 2008

Marketing through mass email

I came across an interesting article this week on what's making it possible for email marketing to finally deliver on its promise of relevant, one-to-one communications. The article and my own experience shows that email marketing has become one of the most valuable and best performing marketing channels today.

Email campaign management is one of the top six investment areas for senior marketers in 2008 (CMO Council's "Marketing Outlook 2008").

Email marketing is evolving toward true relevance as the most savvy marketers move from one-to-many, or broadcast email tactics, to establishing one-to-one relationships with customers and prospects. This means that "less is more" will become the norm for email marketing -- soon there will be fewer, more targeted and more relevant email messages -- a growing trend that benefits marketers, businesses and consumers.
This trend is due in large part to the emergence of email automation.

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