Saturday, April 28, 2007

Supporting 'newbies' in the industry

Hi there communicators
If you are interested in building and sustaining a successful career in professional communication, or you want to help others follow you path, then this blog is for you.
My aim over the coming months is to provide you with honest, no fuss how-to information and advice written both by myself - The Professional Communicators Coach - and by other experts in the industry.
If you would like to see a particular topic covered then please send me your request via email to or post a comment. Similarly if you have some helpful tips or information you would like to share with others in the industry, then please do likewise.
Here's to friendship and knowledge sharing.


Brock said...

Hi Heidi

Just thought you'd like to know someone is reading your blog. All the best Brock

Heidi Alexandra Pollard said...

Thanks Brock - nice to have you on board!

blankset said...

Here are a few PR-related questions - really basic ones I assume...though I'm not even sure this blog is about PR per se.
What is the best approach to making media contacts within industries in which you are completely un-networked? A simple email intro?

Who is the best first-point-of-contact person at various publications?

What are some of the most exciting break-the-mold new types of 'PR' you have observed in the last 5 years?