Friday, April 18, 2008

Online media - don't be left behind

Dear fellow communicators
I was reading a colleagues blog today and he had posted an interesting article titled "Take a close look at your communications" - read it yourself at .

It reminded me of a great channel on YouTube about online marketing that has been getting tens of thousands of hits. If you haven't already it is worth a look - it is hosted by Charles Lewis and he does rap videos about his favourite topics. Yeah I know sounds kind of bizarre but once I got into them I found them not only fun and entertaining but really rather helpful and informative.

For example he has videos on search engine optimisation - one for example - Paid Search 101 includes lyrics such as:
Research all your key words
And your phrases
They all sound good
But they may not be effective
There's several ways to check
I prefer WordTracker

Short and snappy and filled with simple tips for improving your online marketing - check it out!
Yours in prosperity, passion and purpose
Heidi Alexandra Pollard
The Communicators' Coach

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